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Steve Nash to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers?

There had been a lot of talk this season about the future of two-time NBA MVP point guard Steve Nash and whether or not he’d be traded by the Phoenix Suns before the NBA trade deadline. Despite Nash not demanding a trade and the Suns saying that they won’t deal him unless he asks to be dealt, there were plenty of interested teams in the future Hall of Famer with the point guard position being crucial in today’s game.

Even though Steve Nash isn’t getting any younger at 38, the veteran guard is still considered to be an elite player at his position. With Nash keeping himself in good shape and relatively injury-free, there are a lot of teams that were interested in his services via trade. Unfortunately, Nash was committed to finishing his current deal with the Suns that ends once this season does for Phoenix.

Despite the Phoenix Suns best efforts to re-sign him in the summer, the consensus around the league is that the offers the veteran will get from contending teams will be just too much to overlook. The one team that seems to be aiming for Nash in free agency is the New York Knicks. Even with the emergence of Jeremy Lin, the Knicks will most likely make a run at the perennial All-Star point guard.

Another team that hasn’t even been considered as an option until recently is the Portland Trail Blazers. With Raymond Felton not cutting and Jonny Flynn not exactly the same player he was at Syracuse, the Blazers will try to lure in Nash to finish his career in Portland.

Reportedly, All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge put a bug in Steve Nash’s ear during the All-Star break to sign with the Blazers once he becomes a free agent. With Aldridge a very talented player stuck on a team going nowhere, the Blazers desperately need a player of Nash’s caliber to run the point.

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