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Dallas Mavericks acquire Darren Collison and Chris Kaman through free agency and trade

Heading into the NBA off-season, the Dallas Mavericks had two names of their list of potential targets in free agency and via trade. Deron Williams and Dwight Howard were at the top of the list with Mark Cuban and company clearing cap space to accommodate both superstars in order to play alongside Dirk Nowitzki.

The combination of these three players would’ve been the next Big 3 in the NBA and arguably the team to beat in the Western Conference. Even though the Mavs made plenty space for both Williams and Howard, neither player made his way to Dallas with no trade able to be worked out with the Orlando Magic and the perennial All-Star point guard deciding to stay with the Brooklyn Nets.

After losing out on building a potential Big 3 in Dallas, Mark Cuban and company had to settle for Darren Collison and Chris Kaman opposed to Williams and Howard. Obviously, this is a considerable drop off in talent in comparison to arguably two of the best players in the game, but not a bad move by the Mavs to compensate for a poor off-season thus far.

Reportedly, the Mavs agreed to terms with Kaman on a one-year deal worth $8 million. Even though Kaman is no longer the All-Star caliber player he once was with the Los Angeles Clippers a few years ago, he can still contribute at a high level when healthy and should be a good fit alongside German teammate Nowitzki.

As for Collison, the Mavs agreed to a sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers. Dallas was able to acquire both Collison and Dahntay Jones in this deal by sending center Ian Mahimi to Indiana.

There was talk of the Mavs pursuing Ramon Sessions as a replacement for Jason Kidd, but they may have found a better option with Collison.

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