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Veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress could be an Oakland Raider

Last season the Philadelphia Eagles’ took a big chance of former superstar quarterback Michael Vick after starting quarterback Kevin Kolb went down in Week 1 against the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. There were plenty of people that doubted Vick’s ability to get back to dominant form, but he was able to do just that as he became arguably the most entertaining and explosive football player in the NFL once again.

With Vick getting back to form after serving time in jail, the former villain of the NFL became a superstar once again and made a lot of people forget about his past with his play on the gridiron. The next former star player that will be looking to do the exact same thing next season is former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

With Plaxico Burress soon to be released from prison, a lot of teams around the league in need of a wideout have been considering signing the one-time Super Bowl champion. Whether or not he can still perform at the same level remains to be seen, but with Michael Vick re-emerging as a superstar last season, Burress might benefit from his friend’s success.

Reportedly, one of the many teams that have some interest in acquiring Burress’s services next season is the Oakland Raiders. Last season was a breath of fresh air for the struggling storied franchise as they finished the season at 8-8 and became one of the best running teams in the league with running back Darren McFadden leading the way.

Now that the Raiders have established their running game for the future, they need to make their offense more versatile with a potent passing attack. With that being said, Oakland will be looking to give quarterback Jason Campbell a downfield threat with a wide receiver like Plaxico Burress.

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7 Responses to “Veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress could be an Oakland Raider”

  1. gerald says:

    raiders baby 19-0 i hope foR THIS EVERY SEASON

  2. EaglesEatPoo says:

    An Eagles fan talking smack.

    Like Black & Silver said: I’ll take 10 over 45.

    The Beagles had there chance again last year (and won lots of games by luck) and blew it again, like usual.

  3. raidersince88! says:

    cambell is going to be good for the raiders! we need somebody who gone catch you seen how passes them wideouts dropped and the eagles will never win! (where’smcnabb?)

  4. Black&Silver says:

    If that were true…which it might be…that makes one ring! I believe the last game the Raiders played the Eagles..The Raiders beat the Eagles with Jagarbage Russell..Didn’t take much I guess..Ill take 10+ years over 45 years. I know you want to have a winning team real bad but talking smack about a team with overall way more success than yours…just seem ignorant! Good Luck on them 3 years though!

  5. RaidersFan says:

    Campbell is a joke, you’re right. But the Eagles are a joke of a franchise. Never won a Super Bowl and never will.

  6. Raiders are a joke? you guys have’t even won a superbowl in your lifetime!! You are the joke. if Plax goes to the birds? LOL hey were you alive when the Raiders hammered your eagles? Do you know who Dick Vermeil is?

  7. eaglespoopedonu says:

    cambell is a joke. raiders are a joke for 10 + years in a row. if Plax goes to the birds you know he will have a ring in less than 3 years. NOUGH SAID

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