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Jets’ Tim Tebow impresses new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano

This NFL offseason has been arguably one of the most active and power shifting in recent memory. With plenty of teams making moves and or getting penalized, the league will look much different next season with some of the drastic changes that have been made.

One of the most talked about moves in the AFC Conference was the Denver Broncos signing four-time NFL MVP quarterback Peyton Manning via free agency and then almost immediately trading face of the franchise in Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. With Tebow completely turning around the struggling franchise last season and winning a playoff game in the process, the consensus was that he’d be in the Mile High city for quite some time, but didn’t turn out to be the case with Manning becoming available.

Now that Tebow has to start over once again in the Big Apple, the Tebow Mania has begun in the biggest media market in this country. Now that Tebow is swarmed by the media with every move, even more so than last season, the third-year quarterback has more pressure on him to succeed than ever before and he might not even see the field in the 2012 season.

Regardless of whether or not Tebow gets under center in New York in the foreseeable future, the popular gunslinger is already getting raving reviews from the most important person on the Jets for his position in new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

Sparano claims that he has seen an “eye-opening” improvement from the former Florida Gators quarterback which might be bad news for starter Mark Sanchez. Obviously, Sanchez will be the starter come Week 1 and the majority of the season, but he’ll have tremendous pressure to play well right out of the gate with the immensely popular Tebow behind him on the depth chart.

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