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Could Braylon Edwards be headed to the Arizona Cardinals?

One of the last big-name free agents available in the NFL right now is without a doubt wide receiver Braylon Edwards formerly of the New York Jets. With the Jets going in a different direction by making Santonio Holmes their number one receiver and signing free agent veteran Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards has been forced to look elsewhere for work. Even though Edwards is very talented and arguably one of the best wideouts in the league today, the free agent can be baggage and a gamble for his new team.

The one team that might be more interested in Braylon Edwards than any other is the Arizona Cardinals. After acquiring quarterback Kevin Kolb via trade from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals have been looking for ways to upgrade their receiving corps around perennial Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald. With Randy Moss retired, Santonio Holmes re-signing with the New York Jets and Sidney Rice agreeing to terms with the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals are running out of options at the wide receiver position in free agency, but might seriously consider Braylon Edwards.

Reportedly, Larry Fitzgerald is excited about the future in Arizona with Kevin Kolb at the helm, but knows that he will need a partner in crime at wide receiver to be successful moving forward. Rumor has it that Fitzgerald is lobbying for Edwards in Arizona and trying to convince the Cardinals to sign the free agent wideout.

There are a few other teams interested in signing Braylon Edwards like the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins and the New York Jets. The Jets would love to bring back Edwards, but will not be changing their stance on their current offer which is unknown.

In my opinion, Braylon Edwards will end up with the Arizona Cardinals as they will be able to pay him what he wants and give him a big role in the offense.

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